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Vítáme vás na našich fotografických stránkách věnovaných převážně svatební,ale i reportážní a ateliérové fotografii. Svatební fotograf a svatební fotografie dnes patří k nejdůležitějším volbám při organizaci svatby. Vždyť svatební fotografie jsou téměř jedinnou památkou která vám bude svatební den připomínat. Svatební fotograf a svatební fotografie.

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Welcome in the wedding section of our photographic web pages. We hope that you will find our pictures interesting and that it will assist you with the uneasy choice to find a wedding photographer. A choice like that is really very important, because wedding pictures are one of the few things that you will keep permanently after the wedding. Even after many years it will bring back the atmosphere of your wedding day. We would be very happy, if our pages pursuade you of the right choice …

Taking wedding pictures is fun for us and we want you to feel the same way. We try to create an informal, relaxed atmosphere in order to make it most pleasant and enjoyable for you. This way the photographic results produced are the most natural and lively pictures which you will always love to return to. We want you to feel relaxed in the special wedding atmosphere and for sure not like some artificial studio arranged in front of some background, so you can see for yourself how well we can do it. In the course of our picture taking we have created our certain style in which we combine common arranged photos with a little bit less conservative and lighter motifs, according to current ideas, moods and possibilities, but always discussing it with you in advance. We certainly welcome any of your ideas and the more original or crazier the better. So if you have some idea about how the pictures should come out, we will be delighted. And if not, together we will certainly think of something. And main thing do not worry because it will be fun :-)

We work throughout the EU and the price depends on your individual requests. Please send us an email for more information about transit and other conditions.

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